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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Happy Christmas craftyfolk!!!

 A little Christmas celebration of my favourite etsy team "craftyfolk". We've come a long way since the team began and we're a friendly bunch, always ready to support each other in life's ups and downs. Here's a little taster of the gorgeous items on offer from a few teamies! No doubt I'll be back soon with more delights from other team members, Happy Christmas and a happy new year to all craftyfolk!!


New Jewellery ideas.

Most of my work means I have a needle and thread in my hand, but I'm desperate to start a jewellery line! It is quite annoying when one wants to dabble in so many crafts, I have the books on soap and candle making and all manner of things to make which I've had a bee in bonnet about at some time or other!! Not to mention the expense!! Then there was the Art shop and getting up at the crack of dawn to paint, {Oh how I miss my art, but there's no space to do it!}. Before I actually splash out and buy a load of tools and supplies, I thought I would have a little try, just with the few supplies I already have in my stash. So here's what I came up with!!
I stole the glass crystal from a chandelier in my bedroom!!

The chain tassel is just lovely!

Okay, so this is just "assembled", I don't own a metal furnace!

Let it snow!

It would be great fun if we had snow in the UK on Christmas day, like I remember from my childhood, ahhh, memories!
The nearest thing I have to snow is my "Snow fawn", little deer cocktail hat! I'm hoping she will be popular this winter! The base is covered in bridal quality ivory faux fur. There's a little veil with a sprinkle of diamantes`, to add snow crystal sparkle. The lovely deer fawn rests in her snowy meadow. She has pretty flocked markings and a sweet face! Here she is in my folksy shop, but she can also be found in Etsy. Thank you for reading, catch you tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Plain Jane cocktail hats.

I realise I've never written about my plain Jane cocktail hats! Sometimes, all you need is a simple finish to your outfit, nothing too fancy, no veil or bling!! I suspect that's what makes "Miss Scarlett" my most popular cocktail hat ever! She may be plain, but there's something sassy about her. I've started making her in a few other colours, but the bright red Italian wool version is still the winner. Does anyone still play a game of "Cluedo" at Christmas? Then you will remember Miss Scarlett. I don't think I'll be naming any hats after Colonel Mustard, but Mrs Peacock might be in with a chance!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Etsy SALE now on!

I'm having a little SALE in my Etsy shop, in celebration of a very good year!! There's always room to give something back. Selected items are reduced by at least 25%, so do pop in and have a look if you have time! Click on the Sale picture to go to the shop and see my Sale section on the left. All sale items are made and ready to ship within a couple of days!

That's not all though, you can get 10% off everything including sale items by using coupon code SPECIALS at checkout!! Happy shopping!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Almost black.

Most of my work is made purely on instinct and this season I'm feeling a return to classic black, maybe with a twist!! There has definitely been a gothic undercurrent in the fashion world this year and I have to admit I am at heart slightly {or even a bit more!} gothic!! Arrrgh, there I said it!!
However, there's no need to harp back to the 1970's for a gothic mood, let's keep moving forward!
I'm showing a few fun black items to get us all in the party mood. Think of a midsummer night's dream, but in the depths of winter, or the moody Wuthering Heights! No sooner is Christmas shopping over and there will be some panic buying for New years Eve parties! These are all in my Etsy shop at the moment, thank you for reading!!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Viva forever?

So here it is, "Viva Forever!",the musical inspired by the Spice girls, launched at The Piccadilly theatre. I can't comment on the actual stage show as I haven't seen it, but feel compelled to write about what I've seen of the launch in various UK newspaper's and media.
To quote BBC on line "The Spice Girls have reunited in London for the world premiere of a West End show based on their hits."
It sounds like a great idea and as it's written by Jennifer Saunders I would expect it to be jolly good fun for all!!

What I found odd was the launch party photos of the Spice girls. There was Mel B, Mel C, Gerri and Baby all loved up together, posing and pouting for the cameras, even for a lying on the floor shot, what a hoot! Then just to the side was the frail little figure of Victoria Beckham looking extremely guarded and mostly gazing downward. They could be called "The Spice girls, with guest appearance from VB and family!" This carried on in many shots and what made the whole thing look even stranger was the fact that Victoria was dressed {I believe in some of her own lovely designs}, looking tres` chic, a la "Yves Saint Laurentesque, Le smoking" style. The other 4 spices frolicked about in a mixture of teen prom queen and spit thigh "cougar" ball gowns, which accented by the demure V B, gave them a larger than life "Pantomime Dame" effect!! Move aside Widow Twanky, the Spice Girls are coming through!!

A qickie sketch as I don't care to be sued for using other folk's photographic images!
I honestly hope the musical is a success, but I think I have highlighted the fact that much time has gone by and a few gallons of water under the bridge since the fab five were in a girl group together!
Thank you for reading, catch you next time!!

Happy Christmas 2012!!

Here we are again, hurtling towards Christmas. Gosh, I must be getting very old and ancient, as it seems only 5 minutes since the last Xmas holiday!! I have thoroughly enjoyed my 1st full year living the beautiful Cotswold's and will happily stay away from living in large cities ever again! Give me village and country life any time. Mt T. and I have managed to cram the largest Christmas tree possible into the corner of the living room and we took the risk of squashing into my Mini, to get it home!! We went for a lovely, but freezing walk to forage for foliage and rose hips to adorn the wreath, can you see the little faux bird in a nest, so cute! Wishing all readers a very happy Christmas and a happy new year!!!

You can just about squeeze through the door!!

The "foraged" wreath, hanging on my back door, which gets more viewing than the front!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

New hats and collars!

In these frugal times I've been rummaging in my fabric store {and inside my head!}, searching for new creative ideas, without having to spend non existent cash on new supplies. I managed to come up with a few cute ideas for new cocktail hats and inexpensive collar and hair bow sets! I still really like my scrap bag of Tartan and Harris tweed, bought from a Scottish mill and a fellow Folksy seller. I have a collection of vintage costume brooches salvaged from local charity shops, so this is what I came up with!
These are all listed in my Etsy shop, click on the photos to go there! Many thanks for reading, back soon!


Friday, 30 November 2012

Leopard love!!

I was rummaging in my fabric box the other day, "as you do" and I found a small piece of the loveliest leopard print faux fur. It was even too small to make into a little hat. Not wanting to waste such a treasure, I came up with a cute kitty cat headband, which I'm very pleased with!! I'll have to rummage some more and see if I can find a few more bits to make another!
This is in the Etsy shop, click on the photo for a link!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Audrey Hepburn eye mask.

Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my all time favourite movies and I know I'm not alone!

I was inspired to make my own version of the iconic quirky sleep mask, as worn by Audrey Hepburn  aka Holly Golightly! I had all the materials to hand already, so here it is! Made from pale terquoise satin, with gold trims and blue rhinestone sleepy eyes, a soft cotton lawn lining and black felt inner for the blackout effect. Fastens with ribbon ties. I only have one ready!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New birdie hats.

I still love making the bird cocktail hats, though they certainly sell better in the summer months. Hardly surprising in the UK, where we've had flooding and other various wintry weather.
Still, the hatties are always here, in case anyone should feel inclined! I make these to order, so the components are ready at hand and I give myself just one day to stitch all the flowers and veil onto the base, before finally adding the birds and butterflies. Voila! Your own summer bird garden. I'm showing 5 photos, but other arrangements of colours can easily be made!
These photos all lead to the items in my Folksy shop, but you can get them in Etsy also, many thanks.


This last one was a commission for a bride,  she wanted bright colours! It's not listed in my shop, but a similar item can be made to order!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Even more flapper headbands!

Okay, so this post is more a need to show off my new blog header and avatar, also made for my Etsy and Folksy shops. I've spent a couple of days making the Artwork in photoshop. I'm pretty pleased, not bad for an amateur!
The original photograph was taken of "Talulah Blue" by talented photographer "Bernie Cavanagh".

So I need to show a couple of photos. Yes, it's even more flapper headbands! I've sold all the ones from my last blog post, except the white dove, which is a bit of an acquired taste!
Luckily, I do have a few more to show, these are the last until I order new supplies after the Xmas holiday! I used up 50 peacock feathers pretty quick! Click on the photos to go to the shops! Thank you for reading!

Get 10% off in my Etsy shop using coupon code SPECIAL at checkout!

Get 10% off in my Etsy shop using coupon code SPECIAL at checkout!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Flapper girl fashion

I'm still mad about 1920's flapper style. I really want to make time to get more gorgeous dresses made, but suspect I'll be filling my time making head wear up until the Christmas and New year party season. I've already sold a couple of headbands this week, so I expect that's a taste of thing to come!
I have a few ready in my Etsy and Folksy shops, here they are!! What do you think of the white dove?  Thank you for reading, catch you next time!!
Beaded trim with veil and peacock feathers.

White dove applique with veil and feathers.

Organza applique, sequin butterfly, veil and peacock feathers.

Pink beaded trim, emu plumes and magenta veil.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Organza neck ruffles.

The lead through Halloween up to Christmas is always a busy time for my shops, with last minute buyers searching for the perfect party attire! I'm trying not to get caught out this year and am making a good stock of the ever popular organza cirque neck ruffles! It's very satisfying to see them in a little pile, all ready for posting. Last year one buyer asked for 10 of the ivory, for a circus troupe, so I will have to keep my one woman production team {that's moi!!} in check!! Ivory and black are the stock colours, although I can make any colour to order and have lovely silver grey and dusky pink organza fabrics in stock! Next, it's time to start making a pile of rabbit ears headbands. Hopefully I haven't saturated the World market quite yet, haha!!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fruits of my labour!

As a novice grower of tomatoes, I have no idea when you are meant to pick the fruits. Some of them appear to have "blight" on them, no doubt due to under watering earlier in summer! I decided to go ahead today and harvest the good ones in my massive crop, it took about one minute, so nice and quick!! Here's a photo of the green tomatoes, lets hope they ripen soon!

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