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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Tears of a Unicorn.

we all need to indulge in a little fantasy sometimes, it helps with life's balance of work and play! Dress up and makeup like you mean it! Talulahblue Burlesque at Etsy is full of ideas, like these fab easy to wear horns! She has lots of fun, pretty costumes to make the whole vibe work. Go the whole way and arrange a photo shoot, so you'll always have a great memory to look back on! Click on the photos to go straight to the shop! Thanks for reading.




Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Red for go!

Here at Talulah Blue HQ we're always fired up on red alert and ready to go with orders! My daughter's Etsy shop is filled to the brim with exotic finery and it has been said that wearing one of her gowns make one feel like a goddess! Today I'm showcasing a collection of red themed beauties, thank you for reading! Please click on the photos to go to the shop.


Monday, 20 February 2017

Etsy shop discount gift.

A quickie post to show off what's in my Etsy shop these days. I have a coupon code to offer 10% discount at checkout until May 2017!  Here's just a few of my items, many thanks for reading!

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Talulahblue Ouija Witchcraft Tees

Ouija board tees, unisex design by my daughter, look great on anyone, even my mom has one and she's 79 years young! Here they are modelled by Talulahblue and her pal Greg! Available in daughters Etsy shop www.talulahblue.etsy.com




Summer courgette frittata.

 Summer vegetables are delicious in a frittata, especially if you have a glut of courgettes! I'm pretty impressed with my efforts and even if you don't particularly like courgettes, you might enjoy them in this recipe.

1 courgette, grated
3 spring onions, chopped
Handful frozen peas
Sliced and chopped tomatoes
Any grated cheese
3 eggs whipped
Olive oil
Seasoning and herbs

Fry the grated courgette, veg, seasoning and chopped tomatoes in a little oil in a frying pan, pour the eggs and cheese over. Cook for a few minutes, then place tomato slices on top and grill until lightly brown. Leave to cool before serving.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Mysterious Masquerade Veils.

I adore working with lace fabrics and have quite a collection of vintage and new pieces, collected over the years. I only need a very small piece to make a very alluring masquerade veil! If you are going to a Venetian, Mardi Gras Ball or fabulous party this season and want to dress up your face in a mysterious way, a little lace veil may be the way to go. I'm always open to new suggestions on the veils and I'm thinking up new ideas all the time, here's a few listed in my website. I will happily add a sprinkle of crystals on request!

Oh what a circus!

"I'm running away to the Circus!" I heard my daughter Talulah Blue cry out, before joining up with Cirque Le Soir in Dubai and Hong Kong! That was some time ago and she has been back to HK several times since, but that's another story, I will save for next time! Recently we have been collecting ideas for a vintage circus theme, with a bohemian Gypsy mood and thrown a good selection of items into our shops, who knows where our imaginations will take us next. Thank you for reading, click the images for links!