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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Happy Birthday Talulah Blue

A little Birthday show case to celebrate my show girl daughter, the tiny dancers' Birthday today! Many happy returns to Talulah Blue! I will show my appreciation with a few cheery photos, to wish her a very happy birthday, thank you all for reading, catch you next time!

She's on facebook!

Donate to Talulah's dog charity fund raiser, many thanks!

Whoop, cup cake pasties in Talulah's Etsy shop, very appropriate for a Birthday girl!


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Talulah Blue.

Talulah Blue has been very busy lately working all over the UK and all over the World in fact! She is always thinking up new enticing acts to show off her skills in Burlesque, Variety, Cabarat and circus! She's never too busy to work with her photographer Grace Elkin on new photo shoots, here's a selection from their latest collaboration of Talulah looking every bit the peachy Goddess! Thank you for reading, catch you next time!!




Friday, 15 August 2014

The making of Holly Golightly!

It's not a tutorial, but I wanted to catalogue some of the stages my Breakfast at Tiffany's sleep masks go through as they evolve into their satiny loveliness! It's taken a while to perfect the techniques, so I can have a standard recipe for these makers monsters! Not the easiest item to put together! There are lots of versions for sale on the internet, much less expensive and more simple in design than mine. If you are not an experienced seamstress, it would be easy and fun to make your own, by cutting the shapes from felt and hand stitching together. If you're after the bling of my version, I make them to order in my Etsy shop, along with various matching earrings or ear plugs, happy weekend, catch you all later, thank you for reading!

Click to go to my Etsy shop!
Silky tassel ear plugs!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Vintage Indian summer.

We're coming towards the end of high summer here in the UK. It's been a hot steamy one this year no doubt! So, as the heady scent of roses from our English country gardens fills the air, we may be heading for an early Autumn Indian summer, ahh lazy days, picnics on the lawn, Pims and lemonade, festival fun and Gypsy jazz bands!! I love to search for inspiration in vintage shops and where better to start than my daughter's stunning collection in Etsy! You can see how possible it is to mix and match some of her pieces, dresses with shrugs or pretty capelets, so many combinations! It's the colours I love best though, everything a summer should be! If you'd like to meet the lady herself Talulah Blue will be a stallholder at "Biff Bang Pow" on Sunday August 24th in Leicester!

Visit the Etsy shop Talulah Blue Burlesque.

Be there if you can!!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Bunny love forever!

I often wonder about my customers and clients. They're the anonymous people who buy all sorts of glamorous items from my Etsy shop. I like to think of them as the folk I'm appealing to in my little shop header title, which goes like this "Brave bohemians, fabulous fashionistas, eccentric stylists", and on it goes!! Myself, I am not very glamorous, maybe just a little bohemian and certainly a touch eccentric, I spend most days by myself working, sewing, taking photos, or washing new vintage stock! This is sometimes interrupted by village life, I am now on the rota for locking up the church at dusk and feeding our neighbours chickens! A while ago, a girl called Cissy purchased two pairs of my towering taffeta bunny ears and of course I did wonder about her, what sort of opportunity will she have to wear such headgear? Why did she buy two? Was she a fabulous party animal? I shipped the order to Sydney, Australia and thought no more about it! I was so delighted when out of the blue, Cissy sent a message and link to her amazing blog, with the most wonderful photos! You must admit, she looks stunning!

I dream of bunnies, read Cissy's blog.

Fab Sydney location!

I dream of bunnies, red bunny, read Cissy's blog.

Thank you for viewing, see the bunny ears in my Etsy shop here!!