Happy Christmas 2012!!

Here we are again, hurtling towards Christmas. Gosh, I must be getting very old and ancient, as it seems only 5 minutes since the last Xmas holiday!! I have thoroughly enjoyed my 1st full year living the beautiful Cotswold's and will happily stay away from living in large cities ever again! Give me village and country life any time. Mt T. and I have managed to cram the largest Christmas tree possible into the corner of the living room and we took the risk of squashing into my Mini, to get it home!! We went for a lovely, but freezing walk to forage for foliage and rose hips to adorn the wreath, can you see the little faux bird in a nest, so cute! Wishing all readers a very happy Christmas and a happy new year!!!

You can just about squeeze through the door!!

The "foraged" wreath, hanging on my back door, which gets more viewing than the front!


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