New Jewellery ideas.

Most of my work means I have a needle and thread in my hand, but I'm desperate to start a jewellery line! It is quite annoying when one wants to dabble in so many crafts, I have the books on soap and candle making and all manner of things to make which I've had a bee in bonnet about at some time or other!! Not to mention the expense!! Then there was the Art shop and getting up at the crack of dawn to paint, {Oh how I miss my art, but there's no space to do it!}. Before I actually splash out and buy a load of tools and supplies, I thought I would have a little try, just with the few supplies I already have in my stash. So here's what I came up with!!
I stole the glass crystal from a chandelier in my bedroom!!

The chain tassel is just lovely!

Okay, so this is just "assembled", I don't own a metal furnace!


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