Viva forever?

So here it is, "Viva Forever!",the musical inspired by the Spice girls, launched at The Piccadilly theatre. I can't comment on the actual stage show as I haven't seen it, but feel compelled to write about what I've seen of the launch in various UK newspaper's and media.
To quote BBC on line "The Spice Girls have reunited in London for the world premiere of a West End show based on their hits."
It sounds like a great idea and as it's written by Jennifer Saunders I would expect it to be jolly good fun for all!!

What I found odd was the launch party photos of the Spice girls. There was Mel B, Mel C, Gerri and Baby all loved up together, posing and pouting for the cameras, even for a lying on the floor shot, what a hoot! Then just to the side was the frail little figure of Victoria Beckham looking extremely guarded and mostly gazing downward. They could be called "The Spice girls, with guest appearance from VB and family!" This carried on in many shots and what made the whole thing look even stranger was the fact that Victoria was dressed {I believe in some of her own lovely designs}, looking tres` chic, a la "Yves Saint Laurentesque, Le smoking" style. The other 4 spices frolicked about in a mixture of teen prom queen and spit thigh "cougar" ball gowns, which accented by the demure V B, gave them a larger than life "Pantomime Dame" effect!! Move aside Widow Twanky, the Spice Girls are coming through!!

A qickie sketch as I don't care to be sued for using other folk's photographic images!
I honestly hope the musical is a success, but I think I have highlighted the fact that much time has gone by and a few gallons of water under the bridge since the fab five were in a girl group together!
Thank you for reading, catch you next time!!


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