Lace bunny ears rule okay!

Cat ears headband with veil, black or white lace.

The end of September is when most on line sellers will get that feeling of panic in the pit of the stomach, as the countdown to Christmas gets well and truly under way! I wouldn't mind but there's still a mad dash for Halloween costumes to look forward to! I wish I knew exactly what buyers wanted to wear for their Halloween parties, then I could have everything made up well in advance. With about 16 or more various bunny and cat ears headbands to choose from in my Etsy shop, it's a bit of a guessing game and I'm not the most organised person at the best of times. I expect I'll be fiddling around making jewellery, just because I feel like it, then suddenly a ton of  lace cat ears headband orders will all come at once! I guess it's my own fault if I'm honest, so if anyone cares to shout out "Stop messing around and get the headbands made!!", maybe I'll get my act together!
I have some really beautiful delicate lace this season, so here's a taster of some new designs with veils, all in my Etsy shop, top two available in white as well as black! Just to add, don't be afraid of wearing one of my headbands, they feel stable and safe, you may forget you have it on!
Bunny ears headband with veil, in black or white lace.

Black widow, spider's web mesh, fun for Halloween!


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