Dear Jamie.....

I have at least four Jamie Oliver cook books. Jamie and I have come a long way since he was a young chef working at River Café and I was a miserable bint working stressful 10 hour days up North in the Fashion trade, ahh those were the days, or not!!
Now Jamie is worth about 150 zillion pounds sterling and I have the country life down South, so "Happy days" to quote Jamie! I left home at nineteen armed with my Mother's spag bol recipe and thanks to a few years experience and a few cook books, I now have a repertoire of at least a couple of dozen recipes to see me through, including several from Jamie. His tempura batter and thrice cooked chips are up there with the greats! If I'm to be perfectly honest about what goes into my supermarket trolley most trips, it's cider, wine, chocolate, crisps, ice cream and a few bits of food, in that order! This was summed up brilliantly by the lovely Polish guy on the checkout at Sainsbury's Swindon, with his comment, "Only the nice things!".
Jamie and I do have one thing in common, we both hate waste and this is evident with his new TV series and book entitled "Jamie's money saving meals". This is where I have to get to the point and ask "What has happened to the cheeky chappie?". Everything in Jamie world used to be "Luvely jubbly" and "Pukka!", but he seems to have gradually transformed into a big fat middle aged bossy, shouty, gobby big mouth!!  There, I said it, phew! So to sumarize, while I show you a photo of a Spanish style omelette, made using all the leftover vegetables lurking at the bottom of my beautiful pastel green Smeg fridge, can we please have the nice friendly Jamie back?
I made this!


Mythillogical said…
It seems even the most chirpy of us get worn down with old age and the ways of the world! Your shopping trolley does indeed sound like it's full of 'all the nice things'!

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