Lace veiled bunny and cat ears headbands!

There's something mysterious going on in my Etsy shop! I simply have to show off my veiled bunny rabbit and cat ears headbands! The lace ears look great without a veil of course, but they take on a new allure when worn with a veil! I usually attach the veil permanently, but there's no reason why they can't be detachable, two designs in one! The cat and bunny ears come in black or white! With new photos of Talulah Blue modelling, taken by fabulous photographer Grace Elkin, I'm all set for a sewing spree! 10% off all items in my Etsy shop in the lead up to Easter, using code DISCOUNTS at checkout!
Lace bunny rabbit ears headband with veil.
Lace cat ears headband with veil.
10% OFF all items in April, using code DISCOUNTS at checkout!


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