" My name is Talulah !"

Please give a warm welcome to "Talulah", adopted from a local rescue centre, Redgate farm, two days ago. Talulah {Lulu for short} is five months old and we have no information about how she became a rescue kitty. She has settled in very well with myself and Mr. Tony and is well set for a future of snuggles and doting!!


Kate said…
Oh. My. God. She is SOOO cute!!! Huge kudos to you and Mr. Tony for taking on a rescue kitty too - rescue kitties rock. She's obviously landed on her paws finding a home with you. Wait till she finds your stash of feathers and ribbon! Keep us updated with her progress,

Kate x
Justine said…
I have the best big rescue cat although she was a kitten when we got her. She's been with us six years now and love her.

I was also stopping by to say I’ve given you a One Lovely Blog award, so please stop by and collect it.

Silky Prudence said…
How freaky, not only have we got a Booboo cat - but our other one's nickname is Lulu!

She's absolutely adorable - makes me pine for when mine were so small I could scoop both of them up with one hand and snuggle them on my shoulders...
Tonya said…
We love our two rescue kitties (who are both now over 13lbs!) I love the name Talulah. She is so cute!

talulahblue said…
Amazing comments, thank you so much to everyone.
Talulah is purring on my lap as I write this!!
BeadyPool said…
Ahhhh, she is so cute. Definately looks like she has made herself at home already :)

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