Audrey's Tea Shop

Do let me introduce you to " Audrey's Tea Shop ". Whether she is a knitter who loves to drink tea, or a tea drinker who loves to knit remains undecided and hardly matters when you view her folksy shop. What a lovely idea, to rescue vintage tea pots and restore them to the warmth of your kitchen with a hand knitted cosy!
Find the folksy shop at...


Hi Talulah, I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with the backgrounds. Minima is the correct template to use. There is no 3 column template, you have to change your html, or hire someone, in order to have 3 columns. I don't know why the backgrounds aren't showing up on your blog. Have you ever hired a professional designer to design your blog for you? If so they may have embedded a background in your html, you would have to remove it first in order to add one of mine.
I hope this helps!
I forgot to say. I love the cute teapot and the darling cozy!!
talulahblue said…
Thanks Karen, will look into it xx
now I defo need a cup of tea, html #~*/....!!

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