Best Seller of all time !!

I started out about a year ago with my Etsy and Folksy shops. It all began when Amber, my daughter wanted me to help her find a name suitable for a " Burlesque " dancer, to sell her pasties under, { that's nipple tassels to us !}. we came up with the name " Talulahblue " and I began thinking, " what can I make ?" to complement Amber's items and came up with frilly leg garters. Well, I had a wholesale order for those and rushed out to spend £200 on satin ribbon and lace. However, the sales of garters alone proved disappointing in the long run, so I felt compelled to come up with another idea to use up some of the satin ribbon and start getting my money back. Suddenly there was a huge amount of interest in the media for veiled hair bows. They were all over the Luella catwalk. I was already making cocktail hats by then, so the veiled bows were a natural progression. Et Voila !! Best selling item of all time for moi and I used up loads of ribbon and had to start buying more. These can quickly be made to order in many different colours. I still make the luxery leg garters, many of which are listed in my Etsy shop xx


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