Tales from Talulah!!

Long long ago, in the olden days, before Etsy, Folksy and computer literacy, I wanted to be a professional artist. I painted each day before heading off to my day job. One day, I took my work to a tiny hidden away gallery, where the owner proceded to rip my work to shreds {verbally}
and told me I should go on a painting course ! This unnerved me greatly, as I had an appointment with a prestigious large gallery in the city centre, the very next day!

Terrified, I kept my appointment and to my astonishment, the owner was kind, generous and loved some of my work. So much so, that she bought five pieces out of about nine and paid cash !

I have never found the courage to try selling through a gallery since!!

The moral of this tale is in here somewhere, for you to figure out. In the meantime, here are a few of my artworks.


Leanne said…
They're really lovely. It just goes to show that sometimes people only think they know what they're talking about. Self proclaimed professionals and all that.
talulahblue said…
Nail on the head!!
So all of us must do what we believe in.
An Artists' confidence is so easily knocked !
SleightGirl said…
So pretty! I love the one with the fairy in the flowers!
Mollimoo said…
I think they are gOrGeOuS!!My favourite is the fairy too. It's so delicate! x

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