Amber Jade is 27 !

Let me introduce you to my lovely daughter.
Her name is Amber Jade and she is of course a little gem!
Amber was 27 on her birthday yesterday. Together we are "talulahblue", a two woman Bridal and Burlesque accessory team.
Amber specialises in making Gorgeous Ostrich feather Burlesque fans and pasties with tassels for twirling. She is also an events organiser on the Burlesque and music scene. If that weren't enough, Amber is also a professional graphic designer and you will see her work on young womens wear in the high street.
So hats off to Amber! Find Amber's web site at


I couldn't agree more..Your daughter is LOVELY!

Have a great Sunday!
talulahblue said…
Ooh thank you, that's her with the long brown hair, of course!
theothermousie said…
Happy birthday Amber Jade! SO talented - just like her mum xx
Elise said…
Hello, I'm leaving you a comment because you have the most lovely blog. Fantastic writing and I love your pics as well. Best wishes !
Goodness...your daughter could pass for a teenager! beautiful girl.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I always find myself humming 'My Name is Talulah' when I see your name on Folksy etc : )

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