FOXY The Vixen

As some of you guys will know, I sometimes blog about gardens and nature. So let me introduce you to " Foxy". You can see for yourself how bold she is. I say "she" at a guess! Mr Tony and I were at our favourite Cornish retreat, this June, deep in a hidden woodland complete with babbling brook and wild flowers, {at a secret location!}. Foxy just "appeared" one day and made regular visits. Her interests include...Eating out, making new friends, watching films, {Withnail & I } and generally hanging out with kind folk. Oh yes and she helped Mr T. with his barbecue and map reading. I know foxes can be a problem, but this is a very rural location. We're going back to Cornwall in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed that we'll see Foxy again. If we do I'll keep you all updated xx


Silky Prudence said…
Oh how lovely! We have a family of foxes on our street and while they plague the cats and keep us awake at night with their shouting, seeing their two cubs playing with each other at 2am more than makes up for it :)
Glassprimitif said…
We have local foxes too - they are great characters, totally unafriad of us or the dog and the dog loves to roll in their poo (which smells indescribable. Love the pictures.
Caitlin said…
I love foxes!!! I don't get them around my house - that I know of. My dog probably scares everything away with her insane barking and chasing. Had ducks living here in the early spring - but she freaked them out!

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