Easter Bunnies!

We are at last out of February and into March. I am pleased to report that my Daffodils are already starting to sprout, yay!! Okay so it's a little early to rejoice the herald of spring and I won't be able to take a photo of the daffodils, until at least another month, but no matter, the sun is already higher in the sky and the days are longer!
Which brings me to Easter and my Easter bunnies! Not the fluffy kind, although I adore them! More like the lacy kind for me and I love thinking up new designs! It's another month or so until Easter, but I will start early for my USA customers, especially as shipping is taking a while at the moment, due to severe weather and USPS backlogs! Lovely photos by Grace Elkin, see her facebook page in my side column! Happy Easter!

Grace Elkin photography

Image of Talulah Blue
 by Grace Elkin photography

Cute bunny ears for younger ladies!


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