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Friday, 19 July 2013

Japanese Kimono fabric cocktail hats.

I was so excited when my shipment of new Japanese kimono fabrics arrived!! I have been searching for so long to find a supplier and couldn't wait to get started on new cocktail hats. Here's the first of them, all listed for sale in my Etsy, Folksy and ASOS shops. Buyers will get 15% discount in my "Etsy" shop only, using the coupon code HOLIDAY up until July 26th.

The almost raw food diet, day 20.

Day 20...

It is two weeks since I last reported on my diet. During this time, I was pretty steady until my Birthday on the 9th!! My neighbours took Mr. T and myself out to lunch at the fabulous "Williams" in Nailsworth, where I succumbed to the best battered fish and chips I've ever tasted!! Damn, fell off the wagon big time. I did try to get back in the flow, but worse still, I am now craving  pizza and want to top it with anchovies, olives and capers, Noooo!! Luckily I found Warburtons thin bread wraps to use as a pizza base, which I can top with squished roast vegetables and just a little mozzarella!! This is a great idea, as the base only has 121 cals and it's so much less expensive, while also filling the pizza craving!
I'm going to keep up the raw food in between scoffing naughty food, but don't think I have lost any weight at all! Maybe a couple of pounds came off to begin with, but I'm back to the same old me! The problem is that I don't actually "need" to loose any weight, hey ho!

To make the pizza topping, roast vegetables in the oven with no oil or fat. I chose, tomatoes with the bottoms sliced off, making it easy to remove the skins after. Red pepper, onion, whole garlic cloves, courgette, mushrooms.
Roast for around 20 mins, then remove the skin from the pepper, tomatoes and squeeze the garlic paste out of the skins. Roughly chop and mix all together, adding optional herbs, such as, paprika, black pepper, chilli leave to cool. Keep this covered in the fridge until you want to make a pizza, it should keep for a few days.

To make the pizza. I gently warm the veg topping in a pan with added tomato puree.
In a hot grill, warm the underside of the bread wrap for a few mins, taking care not to let it burn.
Turn the wrap over, cover with the topping, add a small amount of crumbled mozzarella, or use low fat shredded mozzarella for even less calories. I also added olives, capers and anchovies, as I love piquant salty flavours, then grill until the cheese is bubbling. I cut my pizza in half and saved the other half for later, as it's great cold too!! Serve with a big salad.
If you choose a low fat shredded mozzarella, I recon the pizza will weigh in at under 400 calories for the whole thing!

I cut the pizza in half to serve with salad.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Almost raw food diet, day six.

DAY 6...

Wow, I feel nauseatingly great today!! I was beside myself with excitement when I looked in the fridge and was reminded of all the healthy veg I bought at the supermarket yesterday and couldn't wait to make a bowl of new and different salad!

Let's talk about cravings today. Instead of just enjoying the celery soup for what it is, I know damn well it would be much improved with crumbled melting blue cheese and this makes me crave blue cheese. The trick here is to add a dollop of plain yogurt and a pinch of salt, which will kind of trick my brain into thinking it's had a cheese hit! When I see in the veg isle "finest virgin baby beetroot flavoured with heavenly mimosa & nectar of the gods" or whatever they call it to make us buy it, I don't just think, "Ooh great I like beetroot", no, I think "Aww that would be wonderful with Feta or Lancashire cheese in a warm pitta bread with sweet onion relish and why not shove some Wiltshire dry cure ham in there for good luck!!"

Smoothie tip...Don't be tempted to add lots of calorie and sugar laden fruit juice, just add a small slosh with water. If the smoothie is too thick, add more water or ice.

Today's food went something like this.
Breakfast, beetroot and pear salad. Midday, fruit smoothie. Late lunch, small bowl of celery soup. Supper was a serving of cooked mussels in a sauce at 130 calories. Snacks were sugar snap peas and a couple of slices of wafer thin ham.
This is my last post about the diet for a while, I'll be back in a week or so with any weight loss to report.

Pear and beetroot salad. This is such a delicious fresh salad and great on it's own or as a side dish!

Finely chop or grate white cabbage, carrot, a pear, sugar snap peas, water cress, cooked beetroot, fresh mint, then dress with tiny splash of olive oil, lemon juice and white balsamic vinegar, season to taste.

Salad with fresh pear and beetroot added.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Almost raw food diet, day five.

DAY 5...

Usually I live in a state of heightened anxiety, panic, churning guilt over whatever, whoever. Arrgh!! Did I leave the cat out all night? Did I forget to switch the lights off? But today I feel calm and less muddled for some reason! Could it be the raw food is already giving a sense of well being?

My main problem on this diet is a lack of bathroom scales, so they are now on order, to be collected from Tesco's on Friday. I order almost every purchase I make. Didn't anyone tell you, it's almost impossible to buy sensible stuff which you actually need in the South Cotswolds. If you take a fancy to a £5000.00 piece of rusty old garden paraphernalia, then yep, you've come to the right place!!!
How on earth did people around here manage before the internet? The raw food diet would be the most obvious choice, you just go outside and pull the vegetables out of the ground, job done!!

While I sit here waiting for my "Johnson's holiday skin" to dry, I'm already trying to plan the rest of the week's food intake around the weather! Yes, it is very cold today in July, so much so, I need a woolly cardi to keep warm, but don't let that fool you, for the sun is due to blast out it's rays over the weekend and that means BARBECUE time again in Mr. T's caveman brain! That means "proper" meat!
The idea with the fake {and real!} tan, is to have a nice little nut brown flat tummy by the end of the diet, rather than a pale wobbly one with just a large mosquito bite scar as a distraction!

Today's food went something like this.
Breakfast, fruit soothie. Lunch, wilted pak choi with rice. Supper, a whole avocado, cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced processed chicken, wrapped around a ton of watercress and a few picked vegetables. Snack was fresh pineapple. Okay, I sneaked the chicken slices in there because they are only around 19 calories each and easy to keep tabs on!!
The avocado has bumped up the calories in a good way. I'm guessing my food intake is around 1300 calories most days on this diet, with a few cups of tea, water and wine on top!!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Almost raw food diet, day four.

DAY 4...

Last year a neighbour "kindly" gave me a bag of allotment home grown runner beans, you know the sort I mean, the ones resembling a 12" wonky piece of stringy wood which could double up as fence posts. They were of course completely inedible for human's, raw or cooked!!

Hey I'm learning fast. Apparently it's okay to eat cooked food on the raw food diet, as some vegetables are as we all know, inedible raw, but cooking allows the body to squeeze the nutrients out, pass the blender for more soup!! You can also wilt some veg to make it more palatable and as I enjoy wilting, this works for me!

Reading up on the internet, there are some people who are "Raw vegan's", who consider the way most of us eat and the fact that we cook is purely manipulated to kind of brain wash us into being sheep, rather than thinking for ourselves. I am a person who does not like or tolerate being told what to do, so I quite like this anarchistic attitude, bring it on dudes!

Anyway, it went okay today, although I feel very fatigued for some reason, like I need to get more sleep, but then Mr.T also complained of being tired and he's eating a load of cooked meat as usual, slathered in hoisin sauce, fried rice, chocolate dessert, followed by a bag of m&m's and drinking cola, so maybe both our diet's cause drowsiness or we are just in need of a holiday!

Breakfast was a lovely smoothie, lunch was celery soup. Supper was a small bowl of pak choi, wilted in soy sauce and chili, with a little boiled rice. By the way, I can hear you saying "That sounds disgusting, get a life!!"  Mid afternoon I caved in and ate some ham with water cress. I know ham is bad processed meat, but it was a locally made one and better than scoffing loads of cheese! I had fresh pineapple and nuts as snacks.

Wilted pak choi with boiled rice and soy sauce. Not exactly a recipe, just what I could find to hand!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Almost raw food diet, day three.

DAY 3...

I'm making this diet up as I go along as I am yet to find a book called "The lazy pre-menopausal hedonistic alcoholic diet".
Today I made a gorgeous smoothie with one banana, a chunk of pineapple, frozen summer fruits, {because Tesco in Tetbury have not replenished their fresh strawberries, their stock taking is appalling!!} Add fresh orange juice and ice cubes, with mint and ginger to taste, then blitz in the blender until silky smooth. I also threw a bunch of parsley in the mix! I'm going to make this every day for breakfast hopefully! I'm pleased to inform that my stomach has been rumbling with hunger pangs, a good sign that the diet is working!

The dreadful green celery has made a dramatic transformation into a brilliant soup! No really, it's the best soup I've ever made and dead simple! Some recipes add potato and cream, but it doesn't need it!
Not a raw soup of course, but one has to try to eat foods which will stay down, as I'm still haunted by projectile vomiting the cabbage slaw.

celery soup recipe. Approximately two servings.

1 head of celery.
half an onion.
half a carrot.
dessert spoon olive oil.
2 chicken stock cubes, or veg cubes.
a pinch of crushed cumin seeds. Optional.
1 clove of garlic. Optional.
bunch of fresh herbs from the garden, including bay leaves, parsley and thyme. Optional.

Chop all vegetables small. Sweat the onion in the oil, add carrot and celery, cook for a few mins, then add all other ingredients with enough water to cover the veg. Simmer until the veg is soft. Leave to cool, disgard bay leaves, then blend until smooth and re-heat. Serve with a swirl of plain yogurt, et voila!!
Obviously if you are not calorie counting, the addition of crumbled Stilton cheese or Gruyere croutons would be amazing!

An observation about the chicken stock cubes. There are 10 cubes in a 100g packet and only 30 calories per cube, so you could make a kind of even lower cal cup soup!

So that was breakfast and lunch out of the way. I had a normalish supper, mostly cooked veg and a slice of ham, without the chicken pie chosen by Mr. T which came in at a massive 650 calories per portion! What is it with men and pies!!!

Snacks and drinks were tea with sweetener, water, a dollop of cottage cheese, a few nuts and a couple of squares of Ritter Sport dark chocolate, left over from my holiday in Cornwall and found lurking in the back of the fridge.
I'm guessing at around 1300 calories consumed plus a couple of red wines!!

Fruit smoothie.

Celery soup.