Almost raw food diet, day five.

DAY 5...

Usually I live in a state of heightened anxiety, panic, churning guilt over whatever, whoever. Arrgh!! Did I leave the cat out all night? Did I forget to switch the lights off? But today I feel calm and less muddled for some reason! Could it be the raw food is already giving a sense of well being?

My main problem on this diet is a lack of bathroom scales, so they are now on order, to be collected from Tesco's on Friday. I order almost every purchase I make. Didn't anyone tell you, it's almost impossible to buy sensible stuff which you actually need in the South Cotswolds. If you take a fancy to a £5000.00 piece of rusty old garden paraphernalia, then yep, you've come to the right place!!!
How on earth did people around here manage before the internet? The raw food diet would be the most obvious choice, you just go outside and pull the vegetables out of the ground, job done!!

While I sit here waiting for my "Johnson's holiday skin" to dry, I'm already trying to plan the rest of the week's food intake around the weather! Yes, it is very cold today in July, so much so, I need a woolly cardi to keep warm, but don't let that fool you, for the sun is due to blast out it's rays over the weekend and that means BARBECUE time again in Mr. T's caveman brain! That means "proper" meat!
The idea with the fake {and real!} tan, is to have a nice little nut brown flat tummy by the end of the diet, rather than a pale wobbly one with just a large mosquito bite scar as a distraction!

Today's food went something like this.
Breakfast, fruit soothie. Lunch, wilted pak choi with rice. Supper, a whole avocado, cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced processed chicken, wrapped around a ton of watercress and a few picked vegetables. Snack was fresh pineapple. Okay, I sneaked the chicken slices in there because they are only around 19 calories each and easy to keep tabs on!!
The avocado has bumped up the calories in a good way. I'm guessing my food intake is around 1300 calories most days on this diet, with a few cups of tea, water and wine on top!!


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