Almost raw food diet, day three.

DAY 3...

I'm making this diet up as I go along as I am yet to find a book called "The lazy pre-menopausal hedonistic alcoholic diet".
Today I made a gorgeous smoothie with one banana, a chunk of pineapple, frozen summer fruits, {because Tesco in Tetbury have not replenished their fresh strawberries, their stock taking is appalling!!} Add fresh orange juice and ice cubes, with mint and ginger to taste, then blitz in the blender until silky smooth. I also threw a bunch of parsley in the mix! I'm going to make this every day for breakfast hopefully! I'm pleased to inform that my stomach has been rumbling with hunger pangs, a good sign that the diet is working!

The dreadful green celery has made a dramatic transformation into a brilliant soup! No really, it's the best soup I've ever made and dead simple! Some recipes add potato and cream, but it doesn't need it!
Not a raw soup of course, but one has to try to eat foods which will stay down, as I'm still haunted by projectile vomiting the cabbage slaw.

celery soup recipe. Approximately two servings.

1 head of celery.
half an onion.
half a carrot.
dessert spoon olive oil.
2 chicken stock cubes, or veg cubes.
a pinch of crushed cumin seeds. Optional.
1 clove of garlic. Optional.
bunch of fresh herbs from the garden, including bay leaves, parsley and thyme. Optional.

Chop all vegetables small. Sweat the onion in the oil, add carrot and celery, cook for a few mins, then add all other ingredients with enough water to cover the veg. Simmer until the veg is soft. Leave to cool, disgard bay leaves, then blend until smooth and re-heat. Serve with a swirl of plain yogurt, et voila!!
Obviously if you are not calorie counting, the addition of crumbled Stilton cheese or Gruyere croutons would be amazing!

An observation about the chicken stock cubes. There are 10 cubes in a 100g packet and only 30 calories per cube, so you could make a kind of even lower cal cup soup!

So that was breakfast and lunch out of the way. I had a normalish supper, mostly cooked veg and a slice of ham, without the chicken pie chosen by Mr. T which came in at a massive 650 calories per portion! What is it with men and pies!!!

Snacks and drinks were tea with sweetener, water, a dollop of cottage cheese, a few nuts and a couple of squares of Ritter Sport dark chocolate, left over from my holiday in Cornwall and found lurking in the back of the fridge.
I'm guessing at around 1300 calories consumed plus a couple of red wines!!

Fruit smoothie.

Celery soup.


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