Almost raw food diet, day four.

DAY 4...

Last year a neighbour "kindly" gave me a bag of allotment home grown runner beans, you know the sort I mean, the ones resembling a 12" wonky piece of stringy wood which could double up as fence posts. They were of course completely inedible for human's, raw or cooked!!

Hey I'm learning fast. Apparently it's okay to eat cooked food on the raw food diet, as some vegetables are as we all know, inedible raw, but cooking allows the body to squeeze the nutrients out, pass the blender for more soup!! You can also wilt some veg to make it more palatable and as I enjoy wilting, this works for me!

Reading up on the internet, there are some people who are "Raw vegan's", who consider the way most of us eat and the fact that we cook is purely manipulated to kind of brain wash us into being sheep, rather than thinking for ourselves. I am a person who does not like or tolerate being told what to do, so I quite like this anarchistic attitude, bring it on dudes!

Anyway, it went okay today, although I feel very fatigued for some reason, like I need to get more sleep, but then Mr.T also complained of being tired and he's eating a load of cooked meat as usual, slathered in hoisin sauce, fried rice, chocolate dessert, followed by a bag of m&m's and drinking cola, so maybe both our diet's cause drowsiness or we are just in need of a holiday!

Breakfast was a lovely smoothie, lunch was celery soup. Supper was a small bowl of pak choi, wilted in soy sauce and chili, with a little boiled rice. By the way, I can hear you saying "That sounds disgusting, get a life!!"  Mid afternoon I caved in and ate some ham with water cress. I know ham is bad processed meat, but it was a locally made one and better than scoffing loads of cheese! I had fresh pineapple and nuts as snacks.

Wilted pak choi with boiled rice and soy sauce. Not exactly a recipe, just what I could find to hand!


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