Summer raw food slaw.

Lately I've taken an interest in raw food diets, where individuals survive on smoothies, various other fruit dishes and vegetable recipes. You can snack on nuts, seeds and some animal products if you wish, so long as they are not cooked or processed. I'm not keen on raw meat, raw eggs or fish, so I'll give that option a miss!

There are many folk on You tube explaining the virtues of a raw food diet, but I don't seem to have very much in common with most of them as they all seem to live in places like California, where it is hot and sunny, rather than blighty where it's usually too cold for me, even in summer. At least it has stopped raining and is brightening up this afternoon, (Well it is Glastonbury and Wimbledon week, so what do you expect!!).

Back to the raw food diet! I've been feeling a bit podgy lately, especially as I keep looking at very skinny celebrities on the Daily Mail Online!
I've decided to incorporate more raw food into my "eating plan" and cut out bread, pasta and any other stodgy carb and fat ridden forbidden foods (except wine, Oh and cheese will be really tough!)

I made this healthy summer slaw which is a really nice base for a salad. You pile the slaw on your plate and add "good" foods, such as avocado, grilled vegetables, a one egg omelette, made with no oil or butter. It makes a satisfying dish which will keep me full for many hours. I will allow myself a little cooked chicken and fish on some days, if we're having a barbecue, as we have already had three barbecue's this week due to Mr. T being obsessed with this style of cooking! He can have burgers, but it's just a fillet of trout for moi!

I will probably have two of these mostly raw meals per day and a few snacks of nuts, fruit, dried fruit and radishes. Let's see if I can try to shift a few pounds, Ill let you know how I get on!

Summer slaw recipe. Enough for two servings.

Approximately 1/4 of a whole white cabbage, finely shredded.
1 whole grated carrot.
Fresh garden herbs, parsley and chives.


Dessert spoon olive oil.
white balsamic vinegar.
Large dollop of mustard.
Lemon juice.
A grind of black pepper.
Pinch of salt, optional.

Mix all together to taste!
Keep refrigerated for up to two days, after then it may go watery, so make a fresh batch.
Add any other raw vegetables you fancy, at the time of serving, such as water cress, peppers, cucumber, radishes.


Sounds like an interesting diet Sue.
Not sure I could manage without the occasional bacon buttie though.

Like the recipe for the coleslaw and think I will give it a try.

Shirley x
Thanks for responding Shirley.
I'm giving it a go for a week to start, no bread butties for me, but I am dreading Sunday lunch if we end up in the pub, they make lovely roast dinners!!

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