Almost raw food diet, day two.

DAY 2...

spent most of the day lazing on my sun lounger fantasising about being at Glastonbury, no music though, just the usual sound of a distant grass strimmer. Was rather annoyed with the lounger as I've only had it for a day and a stray ember from the barbecue landed and burnt a small hole in the cheap fabric!! I was toying with the idea of sticking the instructions over the hole with sellotape, wrapping it up and taking it back to the supermarket, but was too lazy to delve into the bin juice in the trash and find the receipt, so glued a fabric daisy over the hole instead!

I was going to excitedly tell of the new spicy dressing I made for a new batch of the slaw, which I carefully mashed up by christening my pestle and mortar, (Le Creuset, a Christmas gift!) , with the inclusion of even more mustard, to give it body, a clove of garlic and crushed chili with cumin seeds. It was delicious for breakfast with a hard boiled egg, but would benefit from a grated apple or other fruit. I will not recommend it for an evening meal after too much sun and wine, as my body rejected it and it is now somewhere in the garden, just hope no-one saw the projectile nature of it!

I have seriously underestimated the amount of fruit needed for a raw diet and ran ran out early in the morning, so will have to replenish stocks again tomorrow. The celery and hummus is a disaster too, as the celery is too bitter and green, with the hummus being too calorie rich. The best thing today was the barbecue, I only ate a couple of lamb koftas, at 75 calories each! Great with a yogurt and mint dressing!

It's hard to say how many calories I consumed, so I'm saying nothing, but I did take a photo of my belly to compare with when I have had enough of trying to loose weight!

All in all a fairly successful day then, but what the hell am I going to eat tomorrow?

The evil dressing recipe! Olive oil. white balsamic vinegar, mustard, lemon juice, garlic, cumin seeds, chili.
Definitely do NOT put garlic, chili or spices in the dressing, keep it simple!

Grapefruit, strawberries, dried fruit and nuts, perfect!! 30g of the fruit and nut mix comes in at 130 calories, so go easy tiger!


dawn said…
Aww hon your diet sounds too hard!
Have you tried using the hairy biker's hairy dieters cookbook? I'm by no means skinny but have lost just over a stone since using it, you have to be strict and follow the recipes and not snack, but it feels like you are eating normal food.

I've also cut back on alcohol... be careful how much fruit you are eating, it is so heavy in sugars, I'm on one apple and one 250ml juice a day. I also read your last post that mentioned cheese, trying to stop eating it is definitely the way to go, that was one of my big weaknesses too, but after a while it does get easier (can't wait until christmas though, you are allowed to eat cheese over the festive period! )

Good luck! :)
Thank you for your support Dawn. I have found that the best way to give up cheese is to not buy any. That's told me!!

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