Almost raw food diet day one.

DAY 1...

So I made  it through the 1st day of the "Almost raw food diet". I'm sure all the experts out there on raw food diets would not expect one to just hop from a "normal" slobs diet straight into a super healthy raw diet.

I managed to get through day 1 with a bowl of the slaw, see yesterday's recipe, which I supplemented with an omelette made by grilling mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, added to a dry pan with herbs and one beaten egg. The omelette looked a bit of a mess, but tasted great. I added a small squirt of salad cream (slap wrists!!"). Later I ate a little hummus with celery, strawberries and a few nuts and seeds. In the evening I ate a small amount of cooked ham with a bunch of salad rocket. I had a couple of glasses of red wine, as I am after all a grown up!

I know cheese will be my downfall if anything is, so I am allowing one cheese slice per day, the horrible sort which you put on burgers. Only to be allowed when I am absolutely desperate and starving!
It only has 50 calories per slice and added to a Ryvita crisp bread, comes in at only about 85 calories...remember, I am trying to loose a few pounds, this is a weight loss diet!

I recon I consumed around 1300 calories plus the wine, let's see what happens tomorrow!
This morning I lay in the bath and I'm sure my belly felt a bit flatter, that spurred me onward. Have to admit to being a bit worried about Mr. T wanting another barbecue today as the weather looks hopeful! Maybe I can make veg kebabs, good idea!


If you are trying to loose weight, always cook with a high quality non stick pan, it needs to be good as new with no scratches, this way you will need very little or no oil. Grill soft vegetables, No oil added, such as mushrooms, they will look a bit wrinkly, but taste fine. Add chilli, herbs and other non fat flavourings.

Grow your own herbs if possible, it's fun and cheaper than buying them from the supermarket. I grow mine in a bath tub by kitchen door for easy access to a big bunch of parsley, mint, rosemary, chives and thyme!


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