My garden in progress!

I am the most impatient gardener, I want my new outdoor room all finished with arbours, pergolas rose arches and of course planting! We have made a start, but persuading Mr. T to allow me to make all the changes I desire, inspired by my vision, is another thing altogether! When faced with my {rather ambitious sometimes!} ideas, I can see that look in his eyes, which says "Oh no, now what is she up to?!"
I just have to sneak all my plans in little by little. At least I managed to get one flower bed arranged, as it didn't require anything but planting. Perenial beds are fast to establish and always look better in their second year. Here's my geranium boarder, I've added natsturtiums to plump out the planting!!


AnnieFloribunda said…
Such pretty colours! beautiful!
Thank you, can't wait to get on with more gardening!!

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