Avening vegetable patches.

I'm up and about very early as usual and can already tell it's going to be a wonderful sunny early autumn day. The cockerel is crowing as he does every morning!
Autumn already!! How did that happen so fast? Anyhow, on my walk abouts with my camera, I have noticed many residents like to grow vegetables in their gardens. I'm not organised enough yet to get that far with my own gardening, but hats off to people who give it a go, especially with all the rain we had earlier this summer! {Don't mention the slugs!!} My favourite type of garden is a "Potager", where you grow vegetables and flowers together in an ornamental way, which also helps to keep bugs away. Here's a few shots from around the village, as we come up to harvest time!
A resting spade beside the greenhouse offers the promise of rewards to come!
Sunny yellow flowers mix in with the veg!
Another resting spade, proof of the hard work in progress!

There's something about pristine rows of bamboo canes!

My favourite, a jumble of flowers with climbing beans in the background.
This gardener uses skulls and paraphernalia as a bird deterrent.
Cabbages growing, with a view of the greenhouse on the lower level.

My own attempt, just a few tomatoes!!


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