A Burlesque star is born.

Wishing my daughter Talulah Blue a very happy Birthday today, hip hip hooray!!
Quite a few years ago, {I shan't say exactly how many!!} on this day, my daughter was born.
Amber Jade, which are her earthling names, was pretty, artistic, elegant, feisty and fierce from the word go. Life has thrown a few obstacles at her, during her childhood and over the years, but she grew and became strong, eventually to re invent herself as a fabulous Burlesque entertainer and event organiser!!
Obviously I'm very proud and would like to celebrate by showing you some of my favourite photos of Amber Jade, as she emerged as Talulah Blue. If you can make it to the next show date, there's live burlesque and music on August 26th, "Diamonds & Showgirls", at Just the Tonic, Granby street, Leicester! www.talulahblue.com Thank you for reading, catch you all later xox

Professional photographs courtesy of Grace Elkin photography and Paul needham photography.

In the days before burlesque!

Waiting to audition for Britain's got talent.

Perfecting the "White Fan Dance".

Perle de la mer. Photography by Paul Needham.

Talulah Blue and Evie. Photography by Grace Elkin.

Talulah with one of her famous feather fans.

Performing at club Bisous in Hong Kong earlier this year.

Diamonds and Showgirls

26th August
Just the Tonic, Leicester


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