Gateways into Avening.

After a morning working on my hats and fashion accessories, I often enjoy a stroll around the village with my camera, as a relaxing artistic treat, weather permitting!! It has rained such a lot this summer, that I really appreciate a sunny day!

I love the way pink roses creep over the top!

These exotic gates could lead to a courtyard garden!
I have noticed many doorways and gateways into hidden gardens and courtyards. I find this so intriguing, it brings to mind "The secret Garden". I decided to take a few photos of favourite gateways. I'm sure those of you who are residents of Avening will recognise some of these gateways! I will probably be taking pictures of vegetable gardens next time, before the summer comes to an end. Thank you for reading, back soon!!
Clematis Montana covers this archway and has pink blooms in spring!
Steep steps lead up to a metalwork gate with lamp!
Ornate ironwork make this gate eye catching!

Ooh here's my own back gate, with the archway of the church gates just in view!


All these are gorgeous; wish my own area would have secret gateways like these. Soo intriguing
talulahblue said…
Thank you for your lovely comment. I've spotted quite a few more gateways, so I'll do another post later on with those!!

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