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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

"Over the rainbow"

Well dear readers, it has been almost one year since Mr. T and I began the journey to our new life! Last September, we took our usual holiday in a secret location in Cornwall, preceded by an extra week staying in a cottage in the Peppercomb valley in Devon. On the last day of our holiday, Mr. T said, "we'll know, this time next week!". And so on his first day back at work, Mr. T was made redundant. That word, "REDUNDANT" which strikes fear into the hearts of grown men, {especially one's with a huge mortgage!} had entered our arena. Ringing in your ears are connotations of, "we don't need you any more", and "So long cheer leader", and "Asta la vista baby", I could go on!! Never mind, we had thought ahead and were planning vaguely on a change. Nothing is that simple! We had not prepared ourselves for the huge emotional burden faced by both of us and especially Mr. T! Our home of eight years now seemed a massive ball and chain. I put the house up for sale immediately. Looking for work became a full time job in itself for Mr. T. His confidence was at rock bottom, simply because he hadn't had to prepare for a job interview in about 25 years!! He had to work with an agency on getting that pesky C.V up to date and up to scratch. On top of all this, the bits of work I had were dried up, I had to find a job too!  Winter was setting in and I traipsed around local supermarkets, asking about work.  These were depressing times. Luckily, I was re-employed part time by a local fashion company, where I'd worked previously. We still needed the major breadwinner to come up with the goods though. Every morning when we awoke, there was a feeling of impending doom and racing hearts, as the mortgage ate away at our funds. Just before Christmas, the job offers began to come in for Mr. T and we had to decide which one and where, as they all meant moving away from Leicester, where I was born and where most of my family still live, including my daughter and Mum! We chose Gloucestershire and another chapter had begun. Last winter was particularly harsh and cold. Immediately after Christmas, Mr.T began his new job in Gloucestershire, living in rented accom' and I stayed alone in the big house in Leicester. We sold the house this spring, for less than we had wanted, but we had to move on with life, it was a huge relief! I gave up my job and had to leave on the same day, there was no time to give notice, as I was homeless. I took chocolate biccies for everyone at work and most of them thought it was my birthday! I moved into the rented flat with Mr. T and started house hunting.  So now, almost a year later, we have moved into our new home, near Tetbury. Lulu the kitty is here with us now thankfully! We have no curtains yet, but we have arrived! We have booked our holiday in the cottage in Cornwall, {in a secret location, lol!} and we will open the champagne on our 1st night! Here's Mr. T standing alone on Peppercomb beach, just as a rainbow appeared, almost exactly a year since the start of this journey.


Becky J said...

That's quite a rollercoaster ride for you in twelve months. I hope that things settle down for you both and that the perfect house fresents itself. Being in Cornwall, I am trying to recognise your secret location - no good guesses yet! - but hope you have a lovely holiday.
I've put three entries into the hat for you. Thanks for following and good luck!
Becky x

talulahblue said...

Thank you Becky, what a lovely comment, I must pop over to your blog again and see where you are in Cornwall, Sue x

theothermousie said...

Oh my goodness, what a year for you both and your family. I'm so sorry I knew nothing of what you had both been through. But there is light at the end of the tunnel & I'm so glad Mr T managed to find work. Hope things will all be brighter from now on. Much love and hugs to you both xxx

sew vala said...

Sending you best wishes for all the days ahead. x

talulahblue said...

Thank you all, luckily there are brighter days ahead this winter, as we will see soon x