"Work room chaos"

I know I should probably hide all the mess from prospective customers and other tidier crafter's, but I'm feeling very much like wearing my heart on my sleeve!! Mr. Tony will never understand that being highly creative requires total freedom from restraint and that in turn means not being afraid to make a "mess". I use so many tools and various bits and pieces, that even when I have actually tidied up, there's still loads of "stuff" everywhere, from pliers, wire cutters, sewing machines, millinery bits and fabrics. I did in reality tidy up only a day or so and now look at it!! So here's a photo of my work space and I've included the view from the window, which is so picturesque, as I look down on the little stream which runs down the side of our garden. That view was worth all the hardship of last winter. A big hug and many thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last post ♥


Megan said…
My husband doesn't understand the mess either, which is probably why I spend most of my time hunting for stuff. He tidys...
Well, an organised office is essential to keep your working space cosy enough to work in. But, if you are more comfortable with the usual set-up , then go for it! After all, comfort and ease is everything when you are working! :)

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