Lovely lace cat ears!

My lace cat ears come into their own at this time of year. They make the perfect accessory for a fun Halloween outfit, without thinking too much, because they just about go with anything! Puurrrfect!
I have quite a big range of lace cat ears headbands, ranging from my fun felt and lace kitty ears, up to the top of the range couture lace ears on a frame with a mysterious veil. Ariana Grande liked several of my designs and wore the white cat ears on stage for Jingle Ball! She looks amazing and I have to thank her for supporting Artisan handmade items! The images take you to my new website, thank you for reading as always!
Ariana Grande wearing my white lace cat ears headband.

Black lace veiled cat ears headband, modeled by Talulah Blue

Lulu Lace cat ears headband.
Felt and lace Kitty ears headband.


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