Baroque jewel box bijoux bird fascinators.

The decorative feather birds I use for my fascinators are becoming harder to find, but I still have a few in my box of tricks. I've decided to team them up with Japanese kimono fabrics and lots of gold and colourful trim and edging details. I have an obsession with Baroque, Rococo vintage circus and carousel moods at the moment, so these little handmade hats are designed to feel this vibe and look like trinket or musical jewellery boxes. The hats are listed in both my Etsy and Folksy shop and look great teamed with a circus neck ruff for that vintage cirque feel, which is going to be big in the up and coming party season! Thank you for reading.
Purple bird fascinator with gold accents.
Vintage brooch fascinator, the bird is optional!
Red bird fascinator.
Making the bird hats!


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