Bunny love forever!

I often wonder about my customers and clients. They're the anonymous people who buy all sorts of glamorous items from my Etsy shop. I like to think of them as the folk I'm appealing to in my little shop header title, which goes like this "Brave bohemians, fabulous fashionistas, eccentric stylists", and on it goes!! Myself, I am not very glamorous, maybe just a little bohemian and certainly a touch eccentric, I spend most days by myself working, sewing, taking photos, or washing new vintage stock! This is sometimes interrupted by village life, I am now on the rota for locking up the church at dusk and feeding our neighbours chickens! A while ago, a girl called Cissy purchased two pairs of my towering taffeta bunny ears and of course I did wonder about her, what sort of opportunity will she have to wear such headgear? Why did she buy two? Was she a fabulous party animal? I shipped the order to Sydney, Australia and thought no more about it! I was so delighted when out of the blue, Cissy sent a message and link to her amazing blog, with the most wonderful photos! You must admit, she looks stunning!

I dream of bunnies, read Cissy's blog.

Fab Sydney location!

I dream of bunnies, red bunny, read Cissy's blog.

Thank you for viewing, see the bunny ears in my Etsy shop here!!


Cissy Zhang said…
Thanks for featuring me in this post and for sharing my photos! I just adore these bunny ears and will be finding excuses to wear them again!

xx Cissy
Joe Beverly said…
Love your vintage pieces,Sue, and Cissy is wonderful!

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