New jewellery line.

I have spent most of the year gradually collecting supplies and tools for my new beloved jewellery items. I know I should not be spreading myself too thinly, but something in my blood, water or brain has triggered off the need to get a selection of pieces together. Obviously the nearer to Christmas, the more hope I have of making a few sales. It's not going too badly, I have sold half a dozen necklaces. I was already making the little Hobbit pouch set and just had to make a few Alice in Wonderland pieces, it's the lovely charms which have attracted me like a crazed Magpie! I see tiny porcelain tea cups, little filigree keys and just can't resist buying them! Here's a selection of what I've been up to, these are taking you to my UK Folksy shop, UK SHIPPING, pay only £2.00 no matter how many pieces you buy.
They are all available in my Etsy shop too. Thank you for looking, best wishes all!!!
See what I mean, cannot resist charms!
Here's the perfect tiny ceramic tea cup!
My favourite , a glass vial, I fill with teeny shells, Cornish sand and pearls!
An ode to the very brave Katniss of The Hunger Games!
Ever popular LOTR set with my own artwork map!
Dandelion seeds collected from my garden, ahh memories of summer past!


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