Great Gatsby, here I come!

Here we are again, hurtling towards Christmas, with all the parties, Burlesque shows, venues, costumes, cocktails and then of course New Years Eve, goodness, a girl can get into a spin!!
If I'm honest, party time is my favourite time, whether it's winter, spring, summer or Fall, hey that sounds like the words to a song, any excuse!! So here we are again with more reasons to dress up all 1920's glamour and not forgetting a beautiful unique headpiece. My flapper headbands this year are designed in a range of colours, dictated by the vintage muted feather shades, all so easy to wear, with a sequin stretch band and the prettiest vintage trims with hand beading. Here's my main collection, all available now in my Etsy and Folksy shops. Happy partying everyone, back soon with new jewellery gifts!


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