Happy Valentine's day!!

I'm writing on a gorgeous hazy sunny early morning and the cockerel is crowing. Luckily the noisy cockerel is a way up the road!
Valentine's day is a way of marking that we are coming towards the end of winter with it's dark gloomy days. I've taken a few quick photos before the mood changes!!
Misty morning view from my back yard!
The prolific snow drops in a neighbours stream side garden.

A few of the snow drops have sneaked across the stream into my plot!!


Michele said…
I was so relieved when I saw snowdrops in my garden last week. It's not that I think they are particularly spectacular, but they are the first sign of spring, and I hate winter. The same day I saw snowdrops I saw my rhubarb peeking through and a couple of pigeons doing the mating dance thing, yay!
Lesley said…
Beautiful photos! I love snowdrops too, such a sign of spring. Ours were temporarily buried by a snowfall yesterday, but I'm happy to say they haven't been affected.

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