Avening village life.

Buttercup meadow.
 Mr T and I have lived in Avening for almost a year and we're still finding our feet in lovely Gloucestershire. One of my favourite walks is an almost daily trip to the local post office, where I always receive a warm welcome and a good banter! Then I take the long route home, through the back lanes. I've started taking my camera along to snap little gems on the way. "Fluffy" which is not her real name, is one of a group of Ferrel cats, looked after by a local lady in her stables. Fluffy does suffer with slightly tatty long fur, but otherwise all the cats are well cared for and shelter with the horses in bad weather! After my visit to the cats, I walk home through the meadow, which is full of buttercups in spring, then down through the church and home!

Fluffy the wonder cat!
You can just see the church!!


Looks absolutely beautiful.
talulahblue said…
Thank you, I love living here!! will pop over to your page xox
Marie said…
Your village looks lovely! I live in a village too but its not as pretty as yours, but it does have a lovely community spirit!

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