Talulah Blue on "Britain's Got Talent"

This Saturday evening, Talulah Blue could be splashed over our TV screens, as she performs her "White fan dance" for the audience and judges on "Britain's Got Talent"! Auditions run for the next seven weeks. Never before have we been so excited!!! There will be pleanty of fun to be had watching the show, so please do get your drinks and snacks ready and the fun will begin! Here are a few photos of Talulah Blue to get you all in the weekend mood. Britain's Got Talent 2011 starts on Saturday the 16th of April, so sit back and enjoy the show.

Britain's got talent 2011. Tallulah Blue, talulah Blue.www.talulahblue.folksy.com


Rebecca said…

Becky Leigh
i saw this and it was FANTASTIC excuse the pun!

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