"Hazy Sunday Afternoon"

Last Sunday was such a warm sunny day, so Talulah Blue and photograper friend Grace Elkin decided upon an impromptu photo shoot. We thought you may enjoy seeing some of the outtakes from the shoot. Out in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside, we found a meadow of bright yellow oil seed rape, within an almost magical wooded setting. The mustard yellow of the leaves seemed to echo the shade of the rape seed flowers. After the shoot, we all went back to Grace's house, where her boyfriend rustled up a barbecue supper. The perfect ending to a great day!
Many thanks to Alice Cave for taking us to this lovely location and for filming the "behind the scenes" footage.

Talulah wears a latex dress by Catriona Stewart.
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It all looks very dreamy and idyllic - and your daughter looks delightful!
talulahblue said…
Thank you so much, she was having a break from BGT and showing a different side to her modelling x Sue
The Cat Hag said…
Awww Talulah is so very pretty! ♥

The Cat Hag

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