"Tiny Dancer!"

Talulah Blue is well on her way to launching herself as a fully fledged Burlesque performer. All things grow from a tiny seed and Talulah is no exception!! She began one new years eve as a girl visiting a London Burlesque night and this set off the spark. If you enjoyed my last post, you may delight in these new promotional photos of Talulah. See how the feather fans almost envelope her, as she is so petite!! Of course Talulah makes all her own props, including the vast feather fans, which can be made to order in many colours. Many thanks for viewing, catch you next time ♥ Visit Talulah's web site... http://www.talulahblue.com/


Beautiful photo's!
Many moons ago I used to run a burlesque club in Edinburgh, which still has a great burlesque scene.
Good luck
talulahblue said…
Thanks for your comment Bonnie, burlesque is such a glamorous and fun scene!!
Sam said…
She looks beautiful - the top photo is my favourite. I'm trying to come up with a good excuse why I *need* one of those feather fans :D

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