" Talulahblue is a real girl!! "

Talulahblue is no longer just a shop, selling accessories and Burlesque goodies, she has magically manifested into a beautiful swan!! Sounds like a fairytale doesn't it, but the story is true. I love a new fairytale as Autumn turns to winter. You can see a sneak preview of Talulah's first performance, recorded with music, click on the You Tube link in my side bar. Please turn up the volume to get the whole vintage style effect... Photo of Talulahblue by 658 creative. Courtesy of http://www.talulahblue.com/


Silky Prudence said…
She looks fantastic! Has just made me more determined to learn the fan dance myself xx
talulahblue said…
He he, go for it Silky! I can't tell everyone how proud I am of Talulah!!

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