" Spam spam spam!!"

Well, I haven't posted in a couple of weeks. I decided to change my format to a three collumn blog, not realising that nothing in life is simple. Suddenly my banner didn't sit in the correct place and then I couldn't get the background to load to the top of the page. To cap it all, I had to work out how to add moderation to my comments, so I can filter out those pesky spammers, who were driving me crazy, {gottcha!!!} So then I thought, oh dear my banner looks old and tired, so I made half a dozen new ones before I came up with this fresh breezy looking idea. Of course I then had to make another one the same for my folksy shop! My poor etsy shop looks like a half empy jumble sale, as there's no time to look after it properly, with sales from folksy soaring! I don't know what it is about etsy, but I can't seem to make a go of it, even though I love the site!
I have a feeling my Art shops will have the same outcome. Catch you all later ♥


GiddyStuff said…
Glad the spammers haven't but you off blogging, and the new banner is really pretty x
niftyknits said…
pretty banner, very summery!
Love the new blog - very fresh :) I changed mine around too and added 3 columns, think it's almost how I want it! xx

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