" Passion for purple!"

I've decided that purple is "The" colour at the moment and want to hold onto that thought before all the washed out pastels flood through the gates of summer!!
It is noticeable that I have many purple items in my shops at present, from fascinators, to faux fur wraps, to corsages and headdresses! I thought it would be fun to make a mosaic. Find the items in my shops at ...


what beautiful purples and items! i love all shades of it too. x
Erika Price said…
Gorgeous creations! I love purples!
Sarah Knight said…
lovely : )
purple is my favorite color
talulahblue said…
thanks for lovely comments, I'm afraid it's all my own stuff, will try to get around to doing a post on other's items soon!
niftyknits said…
purple is always the colour of choice for me.

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