Tales from Talulah.. "Last Christmas !!!"

" I gave you my heart and the very next day, you gave it away ". Aah the joy of George Michael and Wham! Still a great song for Christmas. However, back to the real story of " Last Christmas" and how it was for myself and Mr. Tony!! It was exactly one year ago that we flew out for a five day break to Marrakech. The week before we flew, I started experiencing frightening multiple panick attacks, for no obvious reason! The day before we flew out, I realised that I felt strange...my skin was sensitive and prickly and I was glad to finish work. On arriving home, Mr Tony had his head in a bowl and was vomiting profusely!! We were indeed entering the realms of the "Unwell". On arriving at the Hotel in Marrakech, we decided to rest for a couple of days, to speed recovery. It was all in vain though, as on the third morning I awoke with a massive headache, worse than anything ever before, so bad that I was being sick and unable to funtion normally and this was the first day I stopped eating for over a week. The only successful outing was when on the last day we fell into a cab and visited the Yves saint Laurent Majorelle Gardens, as I was determined and took some great photos! We arrived back in the uk just before Christmas, so glad to be home and Christmas day was spent just the two of us huddled on the sofa, too ill to eat or enjoy the day. The next thing I knew, I 'd cracked a rib with all the coughing and spent the first week in January on heavy pain killers!! We don't know for sure what the mystery illness was, but thankfully are both in good health to enjoy Christmas to the max this year !!


That sounds awful! Gorgeous pictures however but what a dreadful way to spend a holiday
Kate said…
Oh dear, what a shame you were both so ill! Hope you're both fighting fit for this Christmas and able to enjoy the new year pain-free!

Kate x
talulahblue said…
I've never been so ill and nearly had an eating disorder by the end!! There were no shops near the hotel, so we had to keep asking room service for water and no kettle in the room to make lemsips...

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