" British high tea! "

We're a funny bunch, the British, with our curious customs and pass times. I think "teatime" is one of my personal favourites, a bit like a posh indoors pick nick, where you get to eat dainty sandwiches, soft boiled eggs and cup cakes all washed down with a steaming cuppa, poured from a very heavy teapot! Of course, you don't have to make "tea" yourself, you can go to the Ritz Hotel in London, where they serve High tea every day! I know there are many Folksy sellers who are......shall we say, "fond" of a slice of cake {and the rest!}. Here's my mini treasury to salute the Folksy sellers and all that is great about British High tea!!

tea cosy by http://www.vintagetown.folksy.com/
egg cup by http://www.britishcreamtea.folksy.com/
strawberries by http://www.feltique.folksy.com/
purse by http://www.nelliD2.folksy.com/
cup cake pincushion by http://www.midsummerstitches.folksy.com/
beaded jug cover by http://www.silkyprudence.folksy.com/
fondant fancies by http://www.lupin.folksy.com/
cup cake buttons by http://www.shedraws.folksy.com/


The Fancy Lady said…
this is such a fabulous post great finds!
MyBeadyEye... said…
Mmmm...I am very partial to a slice of cake!! :-) x
Sarah said…
I used to go to my Aunt's for high tea every Sunday afternoon. She always got the best china cups and saucers out and we had victoria sponge cake with jam and cream :-)
AudreysTeaShop said…
High tea is without doubt the best meal there is. I sometimes fantasise about being a posh lady who has breakfast served to her on a tray in bed and has afternoon tea each day at 4pm! By the way, I've recently managed to sell three teacosies on Folksy, so thanks for your tips on blogs etc!
talulahblue said…
I love to read your thoughts on my subjects and have great fun writing my blog!!

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