" Girly stocking fillers"

I had a great response to a recent thread in the Folksy forums, asking for ideas for "girly" stocking fillers. I particularly wanted to find hand made gifts for Mr. Tony's naughty little nieces, Eleanor 6yrs and Catherine 3yrs.
A big thank you and hugs to all who posted lovely items in the thread.
Here's a couple of pics of the stuff I bought, along side the mini Xmas stockings made by yours truly and listed in my Folksy and Etsy shops.

mini scrap books from

hooterninnies from

purses with complimentary bracelets from


nelliD said…
What lovely stockings ..I want one ..please! xx
haptree said…
Aww they look lovely altogether like that! Stockings have to be the best thing about xmas - my mother finally stopped giving me one when I was 23! I did used to make her one too though!
timnlily said…
All our family still have christmas stockings my nanna and grandma still had them when they were in their 90's. nothing as fabulous as these though. They look wonderful
lilyvanilli x
talulahblue said…
my daughter is 27 and has chosen the stocking she wants!!!
I love all your nostalgic comments xx
odd.sox said…
I hope the naughty nieces know what a lovely Aunty they have to spoil them with these goodies!

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