" Folksy " Robins Nest Roundup!!

Robins live in and visit our garden all year round, but I especially love to see them in the winter as they are a reminder that the holiday season is not far away. We all look forward to the Christmas break and many morning lie ins followed by lots of telly watching, all cosy on the sofa!!! To celebrate Christmas robins, here's a selection of Folksy items, all with a robin connection. Of course, last Christmas was a total disaster, as Mr. Tony and I went away to Marrakesh, not realising that we had just caught a dreadful flu virus, but that's another story!!

Folksy sellers include..



niftyknits said…
Thank you for the feature! for a moment I wondered about the lovely scarf and earrings - but of course they are the gorgeous robin's egg colours. Great collection!
talulahblue said…
yes it's a bit cryptic !!
At last I managed a link to each shop!!
Lana said…
Great collection! I love all the robins, but I love the meerkat most of all... :) Thanks so much for including my robin's egg earrings!
Fantastic selection of items! I love the earrings! I was always a fan of robins, we had one last year that used to eat out of our hand!
talulahblue said…
Thanks for all your comments, you know I love to receive them. I wish I had such a tame robin in my garden !!
Angela said…
Great post and beautiful work. Lovely birdies, robins can be quite cheeky. I also like the fact that you've remembered the beautiful color of their eggs. Which always reminds me of the Joan Baez song 'Diamonds and Rust' - "as I remember your eyes were bluer than robins eggs, my poetry was lousy you said..." about Bob Dylan I believe.

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