Rockpools rock!!

Ever since I was a child, rock pools have held a fascination for me, with their tiny world within a world. I still collect seaweed, pebbles and sea shells.

I love the way the sun plays on the water, creating dappled ripples. How do you like my jelly fruity sandals? Perfect for a stoney seabed!

You don't have to be a child to gain inspiration, from a fun day at the beach .

My images were taken in Kefalonia, Cornwall and my studio!


polka said…
oooo I love rock pooling, my best childhood memory is rock pooling in france, we picked mussels all day and then ate them for tea!!I love the 2nd photo looks very inviting!
That first photo is simply exquisite -I love it!
Silky Prudence said…
You've made me homesick! I spent many a happy hour rockpooling with my little fishing net when I was little.

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