My jardin

" An imaginary garden began to appear, through an archway of birch, with the promise of orchards, roses and vines ",

part of a short poem, written by yours truly.
Mr Tony and I spent a couple of years working on our garden to get it ship shape.
It was just an expance of old lawn, when we moved into our home.
The garden mostly looks after itsself these days and at five years old, is coming into maturity.
My daughter gave me the floral trowel as a birthday gift this month {don't ask!!}.
A haven for people, cats, foxes , birds , bees and " hair bows! "


theothermousie said…
Fab pics! I've tried, but never managed to grow a hairband like that before in my garden - what's your secret???!! xx
talulahblue said…
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talulahblue said…
it flew into the garden, like a butterfly xx
odd.sox said…
Looks like a lovely peaceful place to be - and what a beautiful trowel!

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