Pasties, Posing and Pouting!

Greetings all! Today I want to talk a little about costume and dress up! Remember when you were small and loved trying on Mom's high heels, or if you were lucky like me, had your own dressing up box. Mine had old floaty chiffon nighties and pieces picked up at jumble sales! We don't seem to have jumble sales any more! My Grandmother used to take me to one in her local church hall. I still remember picking up an old satin bed jacket, a glass bambie and a few knitted doll's clothes!
My daughter Talulah Blue doesn't have much time for "normal" clothes, by which I mean a nice blouse and skirt with sensible shoes. She is either wearing leggings and layers for her gym workout, or for dance practise, or in contrast, a full costume for her next burlesque performance. A full on costume can include, giant feather fans, ball gown, diamante` encrusted mega heels, stockings and suspenders, a corset and last of all pasties and a merkin, the last two being nipple tassels and a little decorative thong!
Whoop, here she is, displaying her gold feather fans!

I have admit, I feel the same way as Talulah and would much rather be cosy in work out gear, or dressed up costume style, Hmmn, who shall I be today? I may be in my 50's now and passed my prime as a prospective Prima Ballerina, but I can still own a pair of satin ballet blocks and a tiara!
Any girl, no matter what size or shape can own a beautiful pair of pasties, they are just something glamorous and pretty to display on your dressing table! Obviously you will want to try them on and who knows they may be all the encouragement you need to take the plunge and join in with a burlesque class, it's fun! Pasties can be applied using strong double tape. Talulah adds some tape in with your order. Here's a small selection of the sparkling pasties, (that's nipple tassels!) on offer, hand made by Talulah, new designs arriving often and custom orders welcome. Click on the images to go to Talulah's shop! Thank you for reading, catch y'all next time!!
Red glitter hearts, very popular!
Angelic white beaded butterflies!
Gold Pegasus pasties, super sparkley!
Luscious emerald.


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