Avening under a blanket

Today is Monday the 21st of January and according to one of the daily papers, this day is called blue Monday. I guess most of us don't have too much to look forward to at the moment, with summer and holidays feeling distant in the future. There is one thing I'm hoping for though. Much of the U K has a blanket of snow this week and while this causes all sorts of problems, it may mean we actually get some decent sunny hot days mid year, rather than the constant rain and drizzle of recent summers!! Here's hoping and I've included a few great shots of lovely Avening village and church, under it's duvet of fluffy snow!!

Church of The holy cross nestles behind the heavily laden trees.

I love the way the settled snow highlights the cross shapes.

Snow flakes gently falling into the stream.

The far reaching views.


what beautiful photos! I love the snow for the way it makes everything look beautiful, but must admit I'm relieved we don't have any (so far!) as it's so hard to get about in.

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